The energy transition and the associated land-conserving grid expansion lead unavoidably to line bundling. Among other things, high-voltage and extra-high-voltage systems and overhead railway lines come together with metallic media such as telecommunication lines, pipelines, etc. This can lead to the unintentional transmission of currents and voltages to neighbouring foreign media, which can have impact on personal safety and system operation.

We support you with questions on inductive and conductive interference with:

  • Investigation of the conductive and inductive short- and long-term interference of high-voltage and extra-high-voltage systems as well as railway overhead lines on external media, such as data and telecommunication lines, pipelines, cathodic corrosion protection systems, in accordance with applicable standards and regulations (including VDE 0845 standard series, technical recommendations of the SfB and AfK/DVGW, etc.),
  • High quality, efficiency and flexibility through automation and the use of our self-developed, validated software,
  • Direct processing of data from geoinformation systems (GIS),
  • Consideration of different network states, such as normal operation, faults, autoreclose dead time,
  • Consideration of neighbouring overhead line/cable systems, track systems, reduction conductors, pipeline systems, etc.,
  • Short- and long-term measurement of interference voltages, also frequency-selective,
  • Development of technical solutions in case of detected exceedance of limit values and their technical-economical comparison,
  • Dimensioning of earth electrodes including prior measurement of soil resistivity using WENNER method.

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