Cable systems have been a very popular power transmission equipment not only since yesterday. However, due to increasing transmission capacities and utilization rates as well as an increasing concentration, cables have to meet increasingly higher requirements. At the same time, investment and operating costs should be in a balanced relationship to each other.

We support you in the optimal cable selection, find technical solutions for highly utilized cable routes and offer the following services in this context:

  • Consulting on cable and cable system design,
  • Calculation and dimensioning:
    • Using a highly advanced software,
    • Conductor and shield cross-sections taking into account the current carrying capacity and short-circuit resistance,
    • Various laying arrangements for earth, pipe, tunnel, trough or air laying,
    • Impedances and other cable parameters,
    • Interference from cable systems,
    • Visualization of temperature and magnetic fields,
    • Determination of parameters for cyclic operation and emergency operation of cable systems,
    • Voltage drop and limit lengths as well as current and voltage asymmetries,
    • Cable pull-in forces,
  • Selection and optimization of the installation method,
  • Consideration of realistic or measured load cycles and cable crossings with regard to thermal properties and electromagnetic interactions,
  • Optimization of shield treatment and dimensioning of cross-bonding systems,
  • Recalculation of existing plants in case of bottlenecks due to approximations with cable and district heating systems,
  • Verification of the 2K-criterion for submarine cables,
  • Fault analysis.

Do you have questions or is your request not listed here? Just get in contact with us! We are always at your disposal.

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