Operators of electrical networks must check at regular intervals whether their network meets current and future requirements. This check is becoming increasingly important due to the change in energy and mobility. In addition, the existing design principles are only of limited validity under the new boundary conditions. The basis for our in many respects innovative investigation methods are measured values, generation and load time series, operating experience as well as demographic, normative and political developments. GRIDSIDE is at your disposal in this environment with the following services, among others:

  • Steady state network calculations like power flow and short circuit,
  • Technical-economic optimization of individual assets, stations, or entire networks,
  • Design of equipment with regard to technical and, if necessary, economic target function (e.g. transformer and cable sizing),
  • Thermal simulation of cables for continuous and alternating loads based on project-specific electrical parameters and soil properties
  • Reliability calculation,
  • Target network planning / network expansion planning taking into account demographic, economic and technological developments,
  • Grid connection point optimization,
  • Strategy development,
  • Management consultancy.

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