The limits of electrical equipment are increasingly being exhausted. As a result, their operational reserves are becoming smaller and their sensitivity to interference is increasing. Transients that occur must therefore be investigated more and more frequently.

We support you in the investigation of transient events, find technical solutions for equipment protection and offer the following services in this context:

  • Calculation of transient phenomena (EMT), e.g.
    • Energization of transformers (inrush), compensation systems, overhead lines, and cable systems,
    • Switching overvoltages (e.g. by switching with pole delay, multiple reignitions in vacuum circuit breakers, VCB),
    • Lightning surges caused by direct flashover and backflashover on overhead lines,
    • Calculation of lightning strike risk based on tower geometries and regional statistics,
    • Out-of-phase fault currents near to generators,
    • Network behaviour in case of faulty synchronisation,
    • Short-circuit current contribution from compensation systems,
    • Extinguishing and re-ignition behaviour of disconnectors (e.g. commutation behaviour during busbar toggle),
    • Ferroresonances oscillations,
    • Subsynchronous resonances,
    • Transient overvoltages in case of faults beween foreign transmission systems (e.g. AC 50 Hz with AC 16.7 Hz, AC 50 Hz with HVDC),
    • Resulting shield voltages using one-sided shield earthing,
  • Dimensioning and assessment of
    • Surge arresters,
    • RC protection circuits,
    • breaking capacity of circuit breakers,
  • Investigation of inductive, capacitive, and resistive interference of line and cable systems,
  • Insulation co-ordination,
  • Investigation of failures and equipment damage suspected to have been caused by transients.

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