The decommissioning of conventional large-scale power plants with their classic synchronous generators and large inertia and the simultaneous addition of renewable generation plants with often power-electronic equipment ensure that the topics of control reserve and voltage maintenance are becoming increasingly important. In addition, there are new types of equipment whose interaction with the grid needs to be studied in detail. These include, for example, converter systems for high-voltage direct current transmission and STATCOM systems for providing reactive power. Supply security and network stability (i.e. voltage and frequency stability) should continue to be guaranteed.

We support you in questions of static and transient stability, find technical solutions for potentially critical network conditions and offer the following services in this context:

  • Investigation of the interaction with the network when connecting
    • generation plants and power stations,
    • Compensation systems and FACTS (MSCDN, STATCOM, SVC, TCR, TCR/TSC …)
    • HVDC converter,
  • Investigation of small-signal stability (including eigenvalue analysis, mutual influence of several generators),
  • Investigation of transient stability (including ride through faults and voltage dips, load shedding),
  • Verification of voltage stability (including determination of voltage limits for stable grid operation on the U(P) characteristic curve, i.e. the determination of the shortest distance to instability)
  • Calculation and avoidance of subsynchronous oscillations,
  • Dynamic long-term behaviour after network faults or during network restoration after a blackout.

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