We were asked by FP Lux Solar GmbH to act as technical consultant. In this context we attended a meeting with the responsible distribution grid operator to discuss the grid connection of the “Krempendorf III” PV park. Our assignment: To discuss the contents of a new data questionnaire (TR-8 questionnaire) to be prepared by the grid operator for the solar farm, to make any necessary improvements and finally to approve it.

The most important goal of our customer was: to fix new requirements regarding protection settings and active and reactive power behaviour. These should completely fulfil the VDE application rule 4120, but at the same time keep the economic effort for the parties involved low. Thanks to good preparation and in a constructive atmosphere, we succeeded in this as GRIDSIDE.

Background to the solar park “Krempendorf  III”: It has a common grid connection with two other more powerful PV parks and is intended to compensate for the transmission and efficiency losses of the existing systems by means of subordinate feed-in. However, the contractually guaranteed active power at the grid connection point is not to be increased.

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