Within the scope of the project GRIDSIDE Energy Consult GmbH provided personnel support for the network planning department of TransnetBW GmbH. In particular, the task was to support TransnetBW in the reconstruction of the NEP project P49, the network reinforcement of the “Badische Rheinschiene”. The aim of the project is the conversion and upgrade of several 380 and 220 kV line systems, substations connected to them and downstream 110 kV structures.

In addition to ensuring the task of transmission, the particular challenge of the project was the vertical supply of the downstream grid levels. N-1 security must be ensured during the entire conversion phase in order to guarantee system stability in the event of disturbances at the transmission level and to avoid overloads in the downstream structures.

GRIDSIDE’s range of tasks included support in the preparation of a conversion plan, which brought together all specialist departments such as substations and line construction, but also wide area communication and the approval department. The task was to obtain, document, and coordinate the contributions of the technical experts. The result of the work is a conversion document, which combines the basic conversion process of the various departments and their respective dependencies and presents them in chronological order.

Furthermore, the feasibility of the conversion steps was examined from a network planning point of view. For this purpose, suitable data sets were prepared, which represent the necessary time horizon and the construction steps were modelled accordingly in the network simulation program INTEGRAL 7. By means of time series simulations, the load situations in the grid were evaluated. In the case of impermissible network situations, the effectiveness of short-term measures, provisional or temporary solutions was checked.

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