In the course of the planned repowering of a wind farm, a large part of the existing wind turbines at its 110 kV grid interconnection point will be dismantled and in return new, more powerful wind turbines will be erected. Some of the existing turbines will remain at this 110 kV grid connection point.

Within the scope of this project, the maximum possible feed-in power (summarized power from existing and new plants) was determined at this grid interconnection point in the affected 110 kV grid area of the distribution system operator. The maximum possible feed-in power is limited on the one hand by the line and transformer loading and on the other hand by the fast voltage change when switching the generation plant.

For this purpose, the 110 kV distribution grid was modeled on the basis of grid data provided by the distribution grid operator and different grid and generation scenarios were investigated by means of power flow calculations.

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