Within the scope of this project, GRIDSIDE developed an evaluation tool for INTEGRAL time series simulations (annual simulations). Without such a tool, the evaluation of time series calculations is very complex and often error-prone, as thousands of network states (up to 8,760) and a large number of operating resources have to be evaluated.

For this purpose, a graphical user interface (GUI) was programmed for the automated evaluation of the calculation results based on Microsoft Excel VBA. The implementation in Excel gives the user the possibility to use extensive and, above all, familiar functions after the tool has generated the evaluation. The GUI for the evaluation is an intuitive dialog box, which leads the user block by block from the basic information, like e.g. selection of the calculation results, up to extensive options for evaluation and user comfort.

In the course of the evaluation, the tool generates an evaluation protocol with the most important calculation and evaluation information. This includes information on the network model used, calculation methods or convergence over the entire calculation process. The editor can add further information to the documentation via a comment field. In addition, it is possible for a second user to release the results (possibility of the dual control principle).

To increase the efficiency of the evaluation, the user can also load the last settings as a template when the GUI is called up again. This allows several evaluations with identical settings.

The result is a versatile, customer-oriented tool that enables the evaluation of entire annual runs in a few seconds, including standardized documentation in an Excel file, and optionally with PDF output.

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